Flexishaft Skylights

Flexishaft skylights are ideal options for bringing more natural light into your building at a fair price. This is because affordable materials are used to manufacture these particular skylights. A modest investment is all you need to draw in natural light.

The cost-friendly price and efficient design of these skylights is due to the flexible shaft that directs light into the room below. A popular alternative is to go for the slightly more advanced solid shaft skylights.

Given their flexible design, these skylights can be installed at remarkable speed. A highly efficient team of specialists from Melbourne Skylights can quickly install your skylights, while also assisting with any challenges, including:

  • Rooftop domes and flashing
  • Prismatic diffusers
  • Shafts
  • Ceiling frames

Contact Melbourne Skylights today for affordable skylight solutions. Flexishaft skylights are superb for their affordable design.

Sizes Available

Square Rectangle
400x400mm 600mm x 400mm
500x500mm700mm x 500mm
600x600mm800mm x 400mm
700x700mm800mm x 500mm
800x800mm800mm x 600mm

Flexishaft / Standard Skylight Gallery