Three decades in this business have brought up nearly every challenge you could expect to encounter. To share our knowledge, here is a helpful list of our most frequently asked questions:

Q. What is the usual timeframe during skylight installation?

A. Standard installations can be completed in just two hours, while others can take longer if they have unique challenges and specifications. These can include wiring, structures, and the installation of multiple skylights.

Q. Does a skylight impact my heating?

A. The professional installation of a high-quality skylight will leave your heating virtually unaffected.

Q. Is leaking a concern?

A. Melbourne Skylights’ elite installation standards will ensure that leaking is an extremely remote possibility.

Q. Is self-installation possible?

A. Absolutely. You can request instructions when purchasing your skylight kit.

Q. Can you explain the difference between square and round skylights?

A. Square skylights can distribute light more evenly into the room below, but you might prefer a round skylight based on the structural design of your building.

Q. How do skylights work?

A. The rooftop domes on skylights are designed to pull natural light into the room below. The inclusion of a reflective shaft and diffuser panel will ensure an even distribution of light.

Q. How do I choose the right size of skylight?

A. This will depend on the structural integrity of the building and how much ceiling space there is available. When choosing to install a larger skylight, you will get more natural light in the room below.

Q. Do skylights reduce energy bills?

A. Skylights can absolutely reduce your energy bill, but only if you start using less electric lighting during daytime hours. Having skylights will let you keep the lights off during much of the day.

Q. Do skylights add financial value?

Any building that can use energy efficiently and deliver smaller bills thanks to skylights will have a higher value. A greater presence of natural light can also add value by making rooms appear brighter and more pleasant.

If you have any other questions, call us and we can give you an answer.