Custom Skylight Solutions

Homes, offices, commercial units, and factories throughout Melbourne have individual features and requirements that are unique to their respective buildings. For specialist needs, you can come to Melbourne Skylights for custom skylights designed to a clear budget based on your dimensions and design preferences.

A design expert can be sent out to your building to consider the structural challenges and how to achieve your ideal lighting level. This is an integral step in the process to ensure that you get the perfect custom skylight solution. The factors considered in your design will include:

  • Frame colours
  • Glazes
  • Dimensions
  • Motorised or remote control

Alongside the visual style, Melbourne Skylights will also give you a custom solution that is structurally sound and 100% weatherproof. Your skylight will let in pleasant natural life for many years.

Getting a custom skylight solution starts with just a phone call. You can reach out to us to discuss your options.